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The official bio-type thing:

Nicole Green received a Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Virginia and a Juris Doctor from the College of William and Mary. She currently resides in Falls Church, Virginia. She works as an attorney for the federal government. She enjoys reading, writing, and learning new things. 

Story of My Life

Now, for something a little more in-depth.  I've always enjoyed writing. The earliest memory I have of it is of sitting at the kitchen table with a pencil and my notebook that I loved because the cover was black and green.  I think I was probably around six years old.  I scribbled away in it for hours, which I'm sure everybody in the house loved since it kept me out of their hair.  My uncle used to say as a kid you couldn't shut me up.  I was always following people around, telling them stories.  

 I entered my first writing contest when I was seven.  It was just a little school contest.  I came in second place.  My book was about the four seasons.  That's all I really remember about it.  My mom says she has the book somewhere.  I'd love to see it.  I bet it's hilarious.  From then, over the years, I wrote lots of short stories and really bad novels, and kept a journal or two.  I was never the hugest fan of consistently keeping a journal, but I have quite a few sporadic attempts at them floating around in various storage bins in my house and in our storage shed at home.  I blog now, and I try to be a little consistent with it, but you know how these things go... 

 Oh those day I'm going to pull them out when I need a good laugh.  I remember once I wrote a series of short stories about my classmates and called them "The Story of Stuff" numbers one through ???  I was so excited about these stories because they came right after I got my first computer and printer.  I remember printing them out and feeling like I'd really accomplished something.  

 Speaking of computers, let's do a technology chronology.  When I was about eight or nine, my grandmother got me a typewriter at a yard sale.  I thought it was the best thing ever and I loved typing stories on it.  I was especially mesmerized by the fact that the ink was purple, which just happens to be my favorite color.  I was devastated when the ribbon gave out and we couldn't get another one.  Then, when I was maybe eleven, my mom got me this electronic typewriter thing.  It was called a word processor.  It was like a typewriter, but it had a few more capabilities.  Kind of like a cross between a typewriter and a computer I guess?  It had a little green screen on it that that was just big enough to allow you to see a few lines of text at once.  So I would type up some text on the screen and then "print" it out by hitting the button that sent what I'd typed to the little black typer thingies (yes, that's the technical term...sure it is...).  Or sometimes, I would use the feature that allowed me to type and have the text print up simultaneously like a typewriter would.  Yeah, it's kind of hard to describe (says the shame-faced writer), but it was pretty awesome.  If I can find a picture of one, I'll post it up here.  I think mine was eventually given away to the Goodwill. 

 Well, around the time I got the word processor thing, I also got my first computer.  I got it for Christmas the year I turned eleven I think?  Either eleven or twelve.  Yeah, these things kind of blend together.  Then, enter the era of the Story of Stuff and all such things.  After that, I upgraded once during high school when I got a job and again when I went off to college and got my first laptop as a graduation present.  I was super excited about that.  A laptop and non-dial-up internet for the first time in my life.  Then, there was a used desktop somewhere in there and then when I went off to law school, I got myself my dream computer: My MacBook which I love, love, love and now I can never have a PC again.  In fact, I'm typing on my beloved Mac right now.  Love Out of Order was written on this thing as was The Davis Years.  I have a few more manuscripts floating around on my prized possession as well.

 Okay, back to the writing.  All through the technology phases, I still enjoyed putting pen to paper as well.  In fact, up until the time of Love Out of Order, most of my so-called novels were written in series of notebooks.  I usually had at least two or three single subject notebooks to a novel, pages written on front and back.  Or a three-subject notebook and a half.  Or a little over a five-subject notebook.  I like using notebooks of different sizes and pencils and pens of different types and colors just because I do.  Oh, you know what I really like?  Those big pens that have the little levers you can push down and get different colors.  They usually write in about four or five different colors.  Once I found one that wrote in about ten different colors and I was truly amazed.  Hm...I wonder what happened to that pen. 

I think the weirdest novel writing experience I ever had was when I was in eighth grade.  I hated health class.  Thought it was the most boring thing ever.  The only good thing about it was it took the place of gym.  We didn't learn anything in there except for stuff you should already know.  Like the food groups.  Anyway, *end rant*.  So, I decided to start writing a novel in the back of my health notebook.  It didn't take long for me to start adding to it outside of health class.  So I had bits and pieces of this novel scattered throughout my eighth grade year notebooks.  I eventually got all the bits together at the end of the year and they were a mess.  Written in bits and pieces.  I'd tried to number them, but the sequence was still off.  Written in pencil with large smudges in places so there's parts of it I can't read.  And I still haven't put it all together and re-written it in a legible form although one day I'd like to.  Just to see what it says.  I think it would probably be kind of not that horrible.  It's some kind of science fiction/fantasy thing called "The Crystal".  Okay, the title stinks, but really, the story line was pretty viable.  At least coming from a thirteen-year-old.  

 Anyway, I have several huge bins full of notebooks scattered around my parents' house that I'm determined to go through one day.  I don't even know how many "novels" I wrote pre-Love Out of Order, but I think I'll count them up one day.

 Okay, Love Out of Order.  In 2007, I read about this crazy contest called the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award while I was supposed to be paying attention in criminal law class.  I got all excited about it and decided to enter. Being excited, I didn't read closely.  Then, I realized I had to write a novel in a week.  You can read about that little adventure over on my blogger blog, which I haven't figured out how to transfer over here yet.  Click here to read the post.  Long story short, I didn't win.  But I had something I'd never had before: a real manuscript I thought might actually stand a chance of getting published.  So I sent it out to Genesis Press and an editor got in touch with me and we talked back and forth until this past spring (May 2009) when she offered me a contract on my debut novel, Love Out of Order.  And now I'm working on a second novel, The Davis Years.  I hope you'll enjoy both of them.  Thanks so much for stopping by to learn a little bit more about me.  And thanks for taking an interest in my books!

 One last thing.  I'd love to hear from you!  Make sure you sign the guestbook or send me an email or something before you go.